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Grooming Services

There are a myriad of benefits to having your dog professionally groomed. Grooming is extremely important to your dog’s health. Our groomers conduct a 6 point health check on your dog during each groom. We check for parasites, the skin and coat, feet and nails, teeth and gums, ears and anal glands. If anything unusual or concerning is observed, we will report this to you. Grooming your dog regularly will help keep your pet clean and comfortable.

Certain breeds require regular grooming and haircuts because they have continuously growing hair. If they are not groomed regularly, their fur may become matted. During a professional groom, dead skin cells are removed that sit on your dog's coat. This helps to improve circulation and coat condition. Grooming improves the mental state of your dog. When dogs are matted and dirty, they may be very uncomfortable.

When their nails grow long, it may be painful when they walk. An improved mental state will lead to a better behaved dog. Dogs that feel better are happier in general. The grooming experience is a very rewarding one. Each dog has the undivided attention and affection of one groomer. The bathing process includes a nice, relaxing massage.

Bath & Tidy Includes the Following:

  • •  6 point health check
  • •  Bath (shampoo, condition and massage)
  • •  Blow dry
  • •  Brush out/de-shed
  • •  Pawdicure
  • •  Trim pads
  • •  Pluck and clean ears
  • •  Express anal glands when requested
  • •  15 minutes of dematting (Anything more than this will incur an extra charge of $10 per 15 minutes)

A Bath & Tidy is a great way to maintain your dog’s condition in between full grooms.

A Full Groom Includes:

  • •  Everything listed in a Bath & Tidy
  • •  Breed standard haircut


Additional Grooming Services:

  • •  Hand Stripping
  • •  Pawdicure
  • •  De-Mat
  • •  Brush and Comb Out
  • •  3-Step Plaque Cleanse (Oral Cleansing System)
  • •  1-Step Clean Teeth Gel